Aug 19 2014

Trevor Romero: Gang Bang

Hey there everyone, So today I was just thinking about some of the different fantasies I have had over the years. I have gotten to live out a few, like double penetration, getting a massive facial, and getting to fuck a friend I had a crush on all through high school. Yet, there are still a few things on my list I really want to do. One of those things is be the center of an all out, hot and raw gang bang. I got to thinking about it today and it REALLY turned me on. The thought of fifteen to twenty guys just filling up a room, their balls all heavy with cum, my ass lubed up in anticipation as I lay back on a bed buck naked and my legs in the air gave me a major hard on. I imagined one guy in the back, not the most muscular, but definitely strong, wearing just a pair of boots, a cock ring and a leather arm band, standing there with a huge, half hard cock. I imagined him waiting his turn to come up and shove his cock in my mouth while someone else took their turn stirring up my guts with their massive boner. I could feel his hand grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to swallow his cock, feeling it getting firmer as it was sliding down my throat. The more he fucked my face, the harder he had to shove to get his thickening dick down my throat. Finally he was just hitting the back of my throat and filling my mouth and one last time he shoves hard and pulls my head up just a bit to get in balls deep and I feel his rock hard dick fill my throat and make me start to choke. The he pulls out and says he wants to fuck me now, and so the current playmate for my prostate pulls himself out, his mushroom headed shaft making a slight "pop" noise and its yanked from its fleshy cavern, and I feel something hot and thick pressing against me a moment later. Its him, and his dick seems like its somehow even harder now that its up against my ass. I know he only has my spit on his huge, hard cock and I hope that there is at least enough lube still up my ass if he decides to just shove it in me, like I think, I HOPE he does. He does, and I feel every thick inch of him forcing its way into me, making me clench my teeth and gasp. He puts it in completely, all the way to his heavy balls. Immediately he pulls back, all the way back, and then drives it home in a hard and fast thrust. I know what he is going to do, he is going to start slam fucking my hole right from the start. I feel him hitting places inside of me that want to move to make room for him and what he is doing to me, but they cant. He just keeps thrusting into me and forcing my body to adapt to him, to make room for his length and girth. Two other men hold me down and a third comes over and lays over me, shoving his cock down my throat as he sucks my cock. They are both filling me up and putting themselves deep inside of me. I can feel them trying to make my holes more accommodating for their huge cocks, and so I tense up on purpose, and squeeze them as they are inside of me. I feel what it does to them, I can hear them moan with pleasure and the other guys cheer on to fuck me harder, to make me take it. I know the man in my ass is going to cum soon, and everyone wants to see him breed me. The cock in my mouth is thrusting faster and I can see his balls tensing up as he gets ready to cum………..And then someone sent me a text message and dragged me back to reality. But at least I had fun in the fantasy while I was there. Maybe someday I can get a bunch of hot and horny guys to use me and my holes like that until I drain everyone’s balls completely dry.

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Aug 18 2014

Tommy Calix: Finally…

I am finally going to be live tonight! This malware issue was ridiculous. But, I managed to take care of it thanks to Ubuntu! So, now I am going to tidy up my room and myself, get me something to eat, and get ready to be on-line. I have been anticipating my first moment on-line since Monday, and the feeling has only gotten stronger. I also figured out how run the software from my Ubuntu OS and I believe there should be no issues with that. Now, I did not have anything special planned for my first show, I just wanted to get on line so that I can see how everyone is and what they may expect of me. Monetarily speaking, I may not have very many options to do an elaborate show – but I hope to gain some insight as to how I can make things more pleasurable for you all. My goal is to make you happy and to provide you an enjoyable experience that would give you a strong reason to return.So, with all of my obstacles out of my way, it is time to start the show. I hope to have an emense amount of fun with everyone! In fact, I might even hop on early like I planned on doing Monday. I hope to see you all there!

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Aug 14 2014

Caleb P: Fitness Goals for the Coming Weeks

I would like to approach these goal with a more positive outlook than I normally do. I normally have the goals in mind, however, I don’t really think that I am realistically going to achieve them. Hopefully I can follow through on some of these. So far I have started doing 4×10 second sprints shortly after waking up in the afternoon or morning, depending on the time I go to bed. I am hoping that this will ultimately increase my energy levels so that I can continue on to have the motivation to complete my other goals. These include but are not necessarily limited to starting to do push ups and pull ups again. I’m not entirely interested in going to the gym right now, as my body is too skinny and I feel stupid going into the gym due to the fact that everyone in there is fucking huge and I just could not put myself through that. For now I just want to do 30 push ups a day and 3×10 pull ups a day. At least until my body is a little more tone and I won’t be completely and utterly embarrassed by going to the gym. Of course I also want to work on my legs, I might eventually add burpees to mix, actually I definitely will. I just need to get my body back in shape. I have a heart rate app on my phone and I have noticed that my HR is a bit higher than I am used to it being. Along with that, I am not taking in nearly as much water as I would like to. Inbox me if you have any suggestions, as I clearly have no real idea what I’m doing. Also send me questions to answer, I will try to answer them on here. My next entry will be about some shorter term goals I have for myself.

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Aug 12 2014

Vince Hart: Weekend Fun

Hey guyshope everyone is well I am back online and looking forward to hanging out with you all through out the weekend ! Please come in and hang out with me get off with me and lets have some hot fun!Dirty talk (sexy talk, naughty talk, etc) is a sex play involving sensual/sexual phrasing in order to drive one’s partner or oneself wild through words and imagination, and heighten sexual pleasure before and during sex. Through a dirty talk you can stimulate your partner’s major senses: sound, sight and touch. Lovers use dirty talk as a way of expressing their wants and needs in the heat of the moment.The soft-core dirty talk may include sweet nothings, and "not so dirty" phrases and words. The soft-core version is a great way to start with dirty talk. In the beginning it is best to stick with the words you already know these work well and gradually add new naughty words and phrases here and there during sex. After all, who says a dirty talk has to be always vulgar? First of all, it has to be comfortable for both lovers and sound seductively enough to make you aroused and ready for more! We all know that sometimes the simple statements work incredibly well.

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Aug 10 2014

Eli Jr: Another Payout Saved

Another 2 weeks has gone by and I am that much closer to being with my family and being able to just be myself :) Thank you to all who have helped me in one way or another. Whether that is keeping me company in chat and/or giving me power boosts, tips, gifts, or even taking me private I am extremely appreciative of it all. I come on here just to put a smile on my face sometimes. I also appreciate those who buy my Videos On Demand. I am going to be editing those and recommending certain videos so you get your moneys worth. I appreciate everyone who rates my videos also and gives me reviews. I only have 6 reviews on my account right now but they are all great because they are truthful, honest, and of course I love that they are 5 star :D Also I have finally met my tip target and have started to fix my laptop up starting with the keyboard and I am now just trying to get heat issues under control. I ordered some arctic silver thermal compound because I didn’t have any high quality stuff left here at home. That shouldn’t take too long to get here. I am hoping the heat sink just needs to be reseated and not replaced along with the fan.Lastly I did meet someone new as my twitter followers know. And if you would like to know more please follow me on twitter. There is a link on my Bio page on the left hand side. If you just want to check it out you do not need any login or username etc. Ask me about him in a chat :)

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Aug 09 2014

Frank Smooth: Fri

Tonight and tomorrow night, I will be broadcasting in a new environment. I think you will enjoy my new atmosphere. Change is always good and I am going to feature my performance in a new environment just to keep things new and exciting for you. Cum on by and let me know what you think.I had a hot time with my new boyfriend last night, my badboy boyfriend. He is a lover, too. I like that juxtaposition. It was really cool performing with him as he and I were truly performing for each other. That is another twist on the term versatility. I am versatile, also, in that I get as much of a kick out of you with me as I hope you do from me. It was also hot performing with my topdaddy. He really loves to party in the true meaning of the word, and I love to party when he tells me to and then he takes advantage of me in my submissive state. And, there, you have the other meaning of versatile for me. From top to bottom, I am here for you. What an adventure it is, every day, with you. O.K., so I am off to set up my new room…see you there!

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Aug 08 2014

Manuel Ross: Countries Tread Water on Indian Ocean Fisheries Rules

Colombo, Sri Lanka. After five days of deliberations, member states of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) have deferred most of the proposed conservation and management measures for tuna and sharks in the Indian Ocean.Some member states went so far as to refuse support for a non-binding recommendation to end shark finning, agreeing only to a suggestion the issue could receive serious attention at next year’s IOTC meeting. Also deferred to next year’s meeting were proposals to ban wasteful discards in favour of full utilisation of catches, for enhancement of the IOTC observer programme, to study Vessel Monitoring Systems and to establish a working party on compliance with IOTC rules."Efforts to conserve sharks faced the largest setbacks. Proposals to protect vulnerable hammerhead and silky sharks met stiff opposition, as well as proposals to prohibit the removal of shark fins for all other species", said Dr Wetjens Dimmlich, WWF’s Indian Ocean Tuna Programme Manager. Another key measure deferred were proposed controls on the use of Fish Aggregating Devices, increasingly sophisticated floating platforms to attract schools of tuna, which greatly enhance the harvesting capability of purse-seine fleets. "A number of member states currently seeking sustainability recognition for their fisheries are failing to recognise that appropriate management of FADs is a requirement for a fishery to meet any credible sustainability standards," said Dr Dimmlich. "It is likely these countries will face increasing pressure from sectors of their fishing industries to take appropriate action." Some positive outcomes were recorded. In an important step toward combating illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, from 2016 all eligible vessels will be required to obtain unique identification numbers. Another significant commitment will be a three year program to improve the dialogue between managers and scientists, which should greatly help managers in understanding the advice and recommendations from the IOTC Science Committee and accelerate progress in managing tuna stocks.Although disappointed that a number of opportunities for progress were missed, Dr Dimmlich remains optimistic, "Many key states have expressed great interest in working with WWF to improve their fisheries and their capacity to meet their obligations as members of the IOTC. We look forward to supporting and recognising their efforts to ensure the future of their tuna fisheries. We also welcome Bangladesh, Djibouti, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the IOTC family."

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Aug 07 2014

Armando S: Quiz Part 2

Question 4Michael’s whole body quivered. Pleasure raced through him as Nick’s cock shoved deep into his ass, pushing him forward onto Darren’s cock. His roommate tasted musky but it was a good flavor. He never knew he would like sucking someone off while he got his ass totally reamed. Moans worked their way out of his mouth around Darren’s cock. Those hands that had snapped him the ball on ore than one occasion now buried in his hair. Darren, his best friend, fucked his face with abandon. Nick gritted his teeth. Watching Darren while he shoved into Michael’s ass again and again was sending him into a bit of an overload. He could feel his balls tightening, knew he was about to shoot his seed deep into his sweet ass. "Just a few more moments Darren," Nick purred. He held the image of them in his mind as he let go. "Now Darren. Come for me." A low moan stole from between Darren’s lips as he let go, filling Michael’s mouth with his cum. He growled at the rapid swallowing that followed, his body quivering and thrusting erratically. Nick moaned. The timing wasn’t perfect but there would be more opportunities. Once Darren finished, he wrapped his arm around Michael’s waist and sat back in his chair, driving his cock deeper into the young man’s ass. He hooked Michael’s legs over the arms of the chair and lifted him, giving himself enough room to thrust. Reading this clip makes you want tofind some hot guys to arouse and try to mimic what’s going onPlay with myself a little more and cum all I canGo online and find more great stories like this

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Aug 05 2014

Robinzon: An Explanation

Hi there boys! For quite some time now I have been thinking of asnwering a question I sometimes get asked by you. Do I lift weights and how many times a week? Guys, NO, I do not lift any weights and never have done so. I am a former racer swimmer and all my muscles are naturally built by my own body and water resistance from years of swimming. I am not the typical bodybuilder who grows muscles and looks really hot and past his 30′s starts looking like shit and his meats and skin hanging down. I am not that type of a guy. I am all natural as far as my nature and physique go. I love it being that way, I fele great and that is how I am staying. I strive to swim 3 miles 5 days a week to stay in shape and continue to look good. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all my regular customers who I continue to see and have fun with. I also do hope you do get to enjoy our mutual shows and I do promise I will continue to do my best and utmost to imporve the shows and the fun even further. Thanks everyone and see you in the chat room tonight. Thanks. Robinzon !!! Be sure to take note of the new updated schedule.

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Aug 04 2014

Crys Rod: Because Like Toplay

hEI IA HAVE 19 Years ..Hi I m TiTo…I guess I fit his image of what every LA surfer guy should be (though I confessed to him I’d never actually surfed!). I was much more experienced in most things (except sex oddly) since my parents were divorced early and drugs were rampant in the LA public schools… So Mark and I became buds – and showed each other our worlds… I got him high and taught him racquetball, he talked philosophy and helped me with Calculus… and best of all, his sexy girlfriend had a hottie friend of her own, Lisa, and I totally hooked up with her. Lisa and I hit it off and finally I was no longer a virgin – totally making up for lost time going crazy with this chick as often as I could! It was really cool… nnBut while having sex constantly, and I do mean constantly, it still started to seem odd to me how much I also kept noticing Mark’s sexy body too. He and I worked out at the gym together 3 or 4 times a week, which meant we often showered together. I just couldn’t seem to pull my eyes off 6′ frame. I would think all day about working out and showering together, waiting for him to be soaping his hair with his eyes closed, giving me sometimes a full minute or two to check out his nearly hair body, hot torso and strong and tight legs, oh and a huge cock that would just hang, semi-hard all the time. And he never knew I’d check him out. I don’t think ??nnI was still figuring sex stuff out. I mean, Lisa was very, very sexy and we had incredible sex all the time, but still at night I often lay awake (Mark and I shared a dorm bedroom with two twin beds) watching Mark sleep, just five feet from me. I craved those moments when he would toss and turn, jostling his blankets to sometimes reveal his hot chest and or even accidentally a hint of his tight black calvin trunks on his muscular body. I felt like I could practically reach out and touch him if I wanted to. It was making me mental. I wasn’t getting any sleep. I was starting to flake out at class. nnI think he might have noticed my lust or something because he started to sleep more and more fitfully. Sometimes the tension would even pull me out of my bed in my boxers, with a total hard-on, to sit on the floor by his bed, up on my knees. I would hold my hand flat, an inch over his bare pecs and glide my hovering hand down his torso and up over his underwear-clad cock, never touching his body, but still feeling its warmth. At first I often pictured gently touching his cock, but then later I started to picture actually taking that soft cock in my mouth and seeing what would happen. In fact, sometimes while my hands hovered over him he did start to get a little hard – just enough for me to wonder if he was really asleep. But he would never say anything, and each day started as if nothing odd had happened during the sleepless night. So I’d run to Lisa as fast as I could to see try to pound all this energy out of me – but nothing got rid of it.. I was obsessed… I Wait In My Room Swety Kisses.. My dick About 22cmBig BallsNa Come With Your All Fantasies

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